Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sophie's first grooming!

Sophie has growing very well, the Veterinarian says that she's one of the cutest puppies he's ever seen, although he probably says that to everyone (but didn't say that about Harley!?) She has been doing very very well with the p.t. (don't jinx it Lisa), she sleeps all night, and is a very good puppy. She is a little shit though... ornery big time!!! She gets into everything, loves to shred paper, and steal Harley's treats.

I talked to the groomers that are next door to the Veterinarian and asked them when we could start grooming her. I figured the sooner she gets used to being handled by someone else, the less traumatic it will be for her later. The groomer said that she could give her a bath, blow her dry, clip her nails, and trim up her eye area, feet and privates to get her used to it all. She said if we do that a few times she would get used to it so that when she does an all over trim she won't be so scared by it all.

I dropped her off at 8:00am, worked out till 9:30, got MY hair cut then picked her up at 11:00. She was soooo cute! Little red bow in her hair, and a valentines day scarf. Adorable. The best part of all is that she can SEE!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Introducing Sophie

I wanted to show everyone the new Shichon (Teddy bear) puppy Jeff and I got for Christmas... Sophie! She really was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. She was so small and timid the first day or two, but my how things have changed! She's still small (about 3 lbs) but she is a little terror! Harley is dealing with it pretty well, but often looks at me with disgust, like... "Mom, why did you bring this home with us? Mom, shut her up! Mom, make her leave me alone! Mom, she keeps touching me!" They are starting to play with each other, its a little scary looking... watch the video. One good bite and my precious puppy is gone! I think Harley knows this, so he's careful, but still... makes me nervous sometimes. She's doing pretty good with the potty training, and is almost making it throughout the night without waking me up to go out. The secret is to wear her out!

She has already lifted Harley's spirits and mine as well. I didn't want to get out of bed at all, and Harley didn't want to get off the couch, but now we are getting up at 7 am to care for and amuse the puppy, and she keeps us going all day long. She was a needed and welcomed addition to our family. Jeff loves her too, and plays with her all weekend.